About History of Family Pehleman/n
The family Pehlemann first mentioned in 1622 in Germany - and is still living here, enlarged from the eastern part of germany across the country today. But some have gone out into the world: to Canada and the USA (countries where the name sometimes is spelled PEHLEMAN too), to Namibia, to Belgium and to the Netherlands. 
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The very first generation of our family is documentated 1622 in Germany in a part of this country named ’Oderbruch’, a few miles eastside away from Berlin (following another information, there may be earlier a connection to Sweden in 1300). Looking to first generation, there is Peter Pehlemann, specified as an old farmer on soil - as we know, he founded our family. His frontname was further used for sons in many generations, so all our prime grandfather has to be specified as Peter I. His wifes name was unknown a long time, fortunately I found in 1982 in an archive of German gouvernment a document, describing son of Peter I. completely with data from father and missed data of our prime grandma, as added now to our history. 

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With reference to all the following generations in the familie we have to resume at once our different genealogic (family-)lines, at twice got changed livingplaces for the Pehleman(n)’s against our first residence spreaded over the world, for example going to little town named Bury in Canada or another from family which was emigrated to Windhoek in Namibia.

Indeed, it is my opinion to wake up interests in history of family, the family tree and countries and departures where lived Pehleman/n’s, but I have to admit that the years are passing faster than I can spend time to the family website..Bringing back memories to all our grandfathers, grandmothers, fathers, mothers, uncles and aunts, to children, yes, all their children up to today, specially Peter, Carl, Gustav und Walter Pehlemann and our aunts Erika Pehlemann (in Germany) and Clara Manchester as well as Lilian Olson, with which I’ve had correspondence more than 40 years ago. 

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With great respect, I would like to point out the fundamental workx of Walter Pehlemann, who did the essential work for creating and writing down the family history in two books up to the 1950s. His daughter Herta translated this into English. I myself made these books available to the family as a reprint by two books spended at a family event in Germany in 1982, add. with a third volume for family trees and photo documentation as well as a book with historical letters from Eduard Pehlemann and Franziska Felgentreff before their marriage. In addition I would like to thank my mother Dorothea P. for the help with typing works for the later copied reprints and great thanks to the family of Fritz-Wilhelm P. for the wonderful addition to the documentation with reprints of a lot of historical photos.

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The generations of the family continue, in the meantime the essential family documents came to the private family archive in Germany to Dr. Eberhatd P., son of Fritz-Wilhelm Pehlemann 
But it makes me very sad, sorry, that we in Germany do not have a copy of the family history in English version; Walter Pehlemann sent these editions to Canada in the 1950s. We want to make a reprint of this books for the family generations who grew up with English language.
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Here my interesting link "Immigant Ships" to a website with a historical document presenting a list of people which wants to migrate in the year 1883 with the immigrant Ship SS Westphalia to the USA (and later to Canada); the list was given to the imigration office in New York - therefor the document is saved by transsribing people.
In listing No 223 is a grandfather of our family, named Carl Gustav Pehlemann born in 1833 and wants migrate (with his wife Emma Sophia born in 1832) with the SS Westphalica via New York ( USA ) to Illinois lateron to Bury, Quebec, Canada.  
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Please, earch this website or the web to find out more about our worldwide family, our history and take a view to the photograph known first Pehlemann livingplace in Zernikow in 1622 (Germany) .